Rain and iron

Marcos González

The chance that implies a given experience, which is the most incidental, may become a necessary feature. To become part of our life, or of our secret narration – as poet Rafael Argullol would say – it must go through the sieve of iron. It is important only if, after having it and taking part of our space room, it stays and grows in our memory. It is what Argullol describes as: passion doesn’t lie in what has happened, but in that which keeps happening when we overcome the tricks of the labyrinth.

What we have nearer and keeps us company (whether actual absence or presence) never goes through the sieve of oblivion. It lives in close junction with our being. It follows the constant pace of our day time made one with our movement... And in the middle of this secret tale I am very sure that Marcos-González has never moved away from the iron soaked by the rain, even if her world view from the railing of her house balcony when she was a child is one of the farthest images of her life.

Perhaps this is the reason why I was not surprised to discover in her workshop at Begues, where a number of iron pieces waited in the free air for time to walk on their own skin and the contact with rain, because she works starting from an oxidation process, rust being as her footprint on a canvas without any sort of preparation, which shows a peculiar, unusual technique.

Iron, alone or present as a volume built-in in the canvas, becomes also a plot of rusts, where the expression and the fascination for symmetry weaves shapes, colours, tales... A mark of rust appeared by chance knits controlled structures, broken symmetries, with fragments as processed as those in the polyptych dedicated to Goya. There is an important item in Marcos-González’ trajectory, and I wouldn’t like to overlook it. It is her need for creation without a concern for the market goals. And this has allowed her to go into seclusion, an unusual fact which takes isolation and silence as a purpose in itself, without time limits or outer demands. Alone, with her work, without time limits, shut in for months to solve an issue, an idea, waging her long battle which brings together what is more incidental with everyday life, weaving day by day the secret tale we all carry within.

Gloria Bosch, Director of the Museu d’Art de Girona


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