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Thirsting for the absolute

MARIA LLUïSA BORRÀS. Art critic for “La Vanguardia”.
May 1996. Exhibition in the Caixa de Pensions at Girona.
In order to pin down Marcos-González’ painting, as exacting as profound, it must be considered in that spiritual dimension which breathes in some authors’ works, and which as a leitmotiv, sometimes not too obvious, appears in contemporary art, as artists themselves and some masterminds have avowed. And so, Tapies mentions Kandinsky, Mondrian, Malevich, Klee, or Joan MIró, but also Pollock, Rothko, Beuys or Rainer, as examples of artists which have always kept in mind the spiritual dimension. [+]

The pictorial transmutation of iron

Jesús Navarro. Director of Museo de Arte Jaume Morera, of Lérida
Exhibition in Lleida, October 1996.
When anybody stands in front of Marcos-González’ works they witness the revelation of some of the deep moments which remain engraved in her personal imagination. In spite of being visible, naked in their material being, they transmit a spiritual dimension which directly appeals to our introspection, to personally look into the qualities achieved by that which we all intuit in the limits of memory. And this response has much to do with the plastic and formal unravelling of the artist’s visions. [+]

The art of magic

José Antonio Chacón. Art critic for Diario 16.
“Tauromías” Exhibition in Sala Winterthur. Seville. May 1995.
Up to now there were little or no references of Ángeles Marcos- González’ work. She is a journalist that one day decided to give up her job and to dive into the Fine Arts’ teachings. A wise decision, if we look at her exhibition in Seville (May 1995), the first stop of a dawning career, which started on the inspiration of, and based on, the art of Cúchares. [+]

Rain and iron

Gloria Bosch, Director of the Museu d’Art de Girona
The chance that implies a given experience, which is the most incidental, may become a necessary feature. To become part of our life, or of our secret narration – as poet Rafael Argullol would say – it must go through the sieve of iron. It is important only if, after having it and taking part of our space room, it stays and grows in our memory. [+]

Endless stories

Mónica Zabálburu. Art critic for La Gaceta de Salamanca.
Exhibition carried out in the Garcigrande Palace. September 1995.
Catalan painter Marcos-González returns these days to her Castilian origin with about thirty paintings, about thirty “endless stories”, as she calls them. [+]

Ecological and "Mironian" technique

María Lluïssa Borrás, Art critic.
Considering the amount of work produced by this painter during several decades in the silence of her workshop, without ever having felt the need to show it to the public, and considering her success when in the spring of 1995 she finally held a first exhibition in Seville, I find it interesting that Catalonia, where she lives and works, may have the opportunity to contemplate a wide sample of her work. [+]

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